Winter 2000    

  Volume 3  Number 1  

Table of Contents
  Honorary Members Received at Government House cover  
  President's Corner 2  
  Photos from the November AGM 3  
  The Arms of Adrienne Clarkson 5  
  The Arms of the Monarchist League of Canada 6  
  William Wonders Awarded Order of Canada 7  
  How to be Scottish: A guide for North Americans 8  
  New Heralds Extraordinary Appointed 8  
  Laurie Patten Becomes Society Fellow 9  
  Millennium Madness and the Maple Leaf 10  
  Presentation at Government House 11  
  Passing of Leslie Excell 11  
  The Lion that Never Was 14  
  Installation of the 26th GG 15  
  Canadian Cadency Marks 16  
  Debates of the Senate 18  
  An Heraldic Anomally or Two 19  
  Arms of MacPherson, Manuel, Ruddy 20  
  Belfast Clan Chief is Bogus 21  
  Bookplates by Gordon Macpherson 22  
  The Bulletin Board 23  
  Branch Executive 24  

                Reduced photo of the front page

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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