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Prospective Members  
Membership benefits

Perhaps you would like to help promote heraldry, or would just like to be "plugged in" to what is happening in the world of heraldry, and are considering joining our illustrious society.  As a national member, you would receive Heraldry in Canada, an annual journal on topics heraldic.  Also, there is a quarterly newsletter (the Gonfanon) that covers past and future societal activities.  As well, members are eligible to attend the annual society conference.  These conferences always have interesting speakers, displays and a formal black tie dinner.

If you would like to become more pro-active, then it is best to also join a branch.  At present, there are six branches: Laurentian, Ottawa Valley, Toronto, Prairie, Vancouver, and BC/Yukon.  To join any branch, you must also be a national member.

As a member of the BC/Yukon branch, you would receive The BC/Yukon Blazon, a colourful and reputable newsletter electronically published two or three times a year.  There are many members outside of BC who are BC branch members, simply to receive the Blazon.  As well, we put on one or more lunches each year and there is always a formal black tie dinner in the Fall.  Check out our Past Events section to see what our get-togethers are like.

How to join us

It is really quite easy to join us, whether you are interested in just a national membership or both national and branch membership.  Just go to the membership application site at the national website and follow the directions.  You will notice that there are two methods.  If you have a PayPal account, there is the online method and, if you do not, a conventional method where you mail in a cheque.  If you do decide to join us, welcome to the fold!


The national membership costs $80/year ($84 if paying by PayPal) and is tax deductible as a charitable donation.  The BC/Yukon dues are an extra $20/year.

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