Spring/Summer 2009    

  Volume 4  Number 1  

Table of Contents
  Governor General Presents Arms to Lieutenant Governor of BC     cover  
  From the Desk of Branch President Carl Larsen 2  
  GG Hosts Heraldic Event in Ottawa 2  
  Governor General Presents Augmentation (Robert Watt)    4  
  Heraldic Miscellany: Two New Heralds Appointed 5  
  A Very Brief History of the Heraldic Tabard 5  
  Humour in a Heraldic Vein 5  
  Tabard Announced by the Governor General 6  
  A Canadian Tabard for the Chief Herald 7  
  Brightwork Heraldry - Origin of Saab's Griffin 8  

                Reduced photo of the front page

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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