Autumn 1999    

  Volume 2  Number 3  

Table of Contents
  Inside (contents of issue) cover  
  David Watson Honoured 2  
  President's Message 3  
  New Cap Badge for Army Colonels 4  
  A Canadian Heraldic Primer 4  
  Paul Loofs: Heraldist With A Mission 5  
  Arms of the Society President, Jean Moffat Matheson 6  
  Romeo LeBlanc, Lion Tamer 6  
  The Barony of Longueuil 7  
  The United Empire Loyalists 7  
  Happenings and Errata 8  
  Con Man, Purveyor of Honours 9  
  Arms of Num, Greenwood, Bird, McCullough, Wonders, Hutchings 10  
  Branch Demographics 12  
  Recent Grants for the West 12  
  Lord of the Manor 13  
  Graham Anderson: Heraldic Consultant Extrordinaire 15  
  Declawing of the Vice-Regal Lion 16  
  A Look Back at 1999 19  
  Burke's to Recognize Bastards 21  
  Honorary Memberships 22  
  Arms of Robert Rogers 22  
  Branch Membership 23  
  Branch Executive 24  

                Reduced photo of the front page

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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