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BC/Yukon branch badge
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BC/Yukon branch badge

From the mysts of time, through a millenium of human endeavour, an art, a system, has developed that has celebrated the best of men.  It has seen exhiliarating tournaments of chivalry and blood-soaked battle fields of fury.  It has spurred men to acts of great courage, in the pursuit of achievement and honour.  It is the world of ...





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Welcome to the home of the BC/Yukon branch of the RHSC.   Thank you for taking the time to visit us.   Although this site is primarily for the benefit of Branch members, we welcome anyone who has an interest in heraldry.   If you are new to the site, please explore our many sections.   If you are a member or frequent visitor, welcome back.  In either case, please do not hesitate in sending any comments you may have to us.   Enjoy your visit.


This site's main purpose is to be a communications medium for our members.  Here, members can see notices of upcoming, and synopses of past, events.  Also, this site is a platform to promote our goals and aspirations. 

Of course, heraldry is what this site is all about.  And what would a heraldry site be without a roll of arms?  In the roll, you can see our members' shields with links to complete achievements on the national site.  Also on the main rolls page, you will find links to our Black Arms page and to an interactive Index Armorum.

We are very proud of our publication, The Blazon. Most of our issues are online and available to the general public.  Exceptions are the more recent issues which are for members' eyes only.

Our Membership area contains information on how to become a member.  Also, a password protected section allows current members to access restricted material such as recent issues of The Blazon and minutes of board meetings. 

Of course, we cannot put everything to do with heraldry on this site.  Thus, we have assembled a list of other sites that we think cover various aspects of heraldry very well.  You can see that list on our Links page.

If you would like to know more about us and what we do, please let us introduce ourselves to you. 

We are always interested in feedback from our viewers.  If you wish to comment on the content of this site, please contact:

President, BC/Yukon Branch
Royal Heraldry Society of Canada      

Conversely, if you wish to comment on the design or look of this site or report a broken link, please contact the webmaster at the bottom of the page.

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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