November 1984    

  Volume 3  Number 2  

Table of Contents
  New Nanaimo Flag   cover  
  BC-Yukon Meeting 2  
  HSC Board Approves BC Branches 3  
  Ziegler Home Site of Fall Meeting 4  
  Message from Governor General Sauvé 5  
  Spring Meeting 1985 6  
  Irene Alexander Paints Papal Arms on Throne 7  
  College of Arms Creates American Foundation 7  
  Welcome New Members 7  
  Representatives at AGM, Ottawa 8  
  Passing of Mrs. E. D. Danby 8  
  Heraldic Explosion in Ontario 9  
  Chapter Representative in England and Scotland 9  
  Flag Shop Special Programme 10  
  Heraldic Sites in BC 10  
  Heraldic Record Relating to the Yukon 11  
  Grant of Arms to Nanaimo 12  
  Heraldry in 2086 13  
  Ex Libris 13  

                Reduced photo of the front page

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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