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Family Fair

The fair was held on Saturday, April 17th, at the Beban Park Social Centre. 
Arms of Laurie Patten Laurie Patten is putting on the finishing touches of the assembly of his heraldic display of Canadian arms and reproductions of pages from A Canadian Heraldic Primer.
The display is finally fully assembled.  Now, just waiting for interested passers-by.

A plethora of heraldry.

The back end.
Laurie explains some fine points of heraldry to an attendee while John Neill looks on to make sure that Laurie gives the straight goods. 
Later on, Shirley Greenwood shows up to help and a ad hoc "board meeting" is convened.
Our intrepid volunteers - Laurie Patten, Shirley Greenwood and John Neill - nearing the end of a successful day.  Not shown is Lee Van Horne, who was busy taking these photos.  There was quite a bit of interest shown by fair attendees.
Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of Shirley Greenwood Arms of John Neill Arms of Lee Van Horne

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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