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front view of Quamichan Inn

This year's dinner was held on Saturday, October 26th, at the Quamichan Inn in Duncan. 

Reception Area

view of reception area

Members and guests mingle in the reception area of the inn.  In formal red serge is RCMP Superintendant Paul Richards, the evening's keynote speaker, talking to Dr. Don McLeod.  In the background is Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave.

Arms of Paul Richards Arms of Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave

view of reception area

Behind Supt. Paul Richards, Shirley Greenwood is talking to Maria Brouwer and Gerald McKinnon.  In the foreground is Judy Cowan and Denis Ostercamp.

Arms of Shirley Greenwood Arms of Paul Richards

Dining Room

view of the dining room

Guests begin to filter into the dining room.  Here, director Tom Mercer (back to camera) and treasurer Don Mayers have a chat. 

three ladies and, in background, John Neill

The Three Belles are posing, with branch president John Neill in dexter background. 

Arms of Shirley Greenwood Arms of John Neill

David Hjalmarsen pipes in the head table

David Hjalmarson pipes in the head table.  Immediately following him is Supt. Paul Richards, his wife Lenore, and then branch president John Neill.

Arms of John Neill Arms of Paul Richards Arms of David Hjalmarson

dinner guests sitting at tables

Members and guests have just finished an excellent dinner.

Arms of Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave Arms of Brian Hutchison Arms of Paul Richards

Guest Speaker

Carl Larsen introducing Paul Richards

Past president Carl Larsen introduces the evening's speaker, Superintendant Paul Richards, MOM SBStJ MA.  Carl mentioned that Paul is currently the most highly decorated RCMP officer.

Arms of Carl Larsen Arms of Paul Richards

Supt. Paul Richards speaking

Paul Richards gives a very interesting reflection on his past heraldic exposure and activities, from the little "The Observer's Book of Heraldry" to using symbology to fight terrorism.

Arms of Paul Richards

Award Presentation

Gerald McKinnon receiving certificate

Member Gerald McKinnon receives a certificate from president John Neill testifying that he has achieved the top level in Heraldry Proficiency and is now considered a Licientiate of our august Society.  Congratulations, Gerald!  Gerald has recently petitioned the Crown for a coat of arms.

Arms of John Neill

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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