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  Photos by the webmaster except where otherwise noted. 
The Venue

The Travelodge Silver Bridge Inn

The branch had its Annual General Meeting at the Silver Bridge Inn, in Duncan, on March 29thPhoto by Silver Bridge Inn.

Luncheon Room

view of luncheon room with members assembling

Shirley Greenwood and John Neill prepare for the meeting with Charlie Kingston looking on.

Arms of John Neill Arms of Charles Kingston Arms of Shirley Greenwood

educational display

There were a number of heraldic items on display.  Here we see some shields in front of an educational display.  The educational display was made by Steve Cowan while the shields were made by Laurie Patten, both members of our branch.

shields on display

To the right of the educational display were some more shields on display.  Behind the table is a family tree.

flags, shields, family tree

Still further to the right is John Neill's banner, another family tree (David Hjalmarson's), Doris Gray's flag, and David Hjalmarson's flag.

David Hjalmarson's family tree

Here is a close-up of David Hjalmarson's family tree.

Arms of David Hjalmarson

members socialize

Members arrive and start to socialize.

Arms of John Neill Arms of Robert Watt Arms of Gary Mitchell Arms of Shirley Greenwood

members looking at a family tree

Some members are studying a family tree.

Arms of Laurie Patten

Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave and Robb Watt talking

Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave is listening to Rideau Emeritus herald, Robb Watt.  Photo by Charlie Kingston.

Arms of Robb Watt Arms of Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave


members sitting at the dining table

Members are beginning their lunch of a very well prepared assortment of soup and sandwiches.

Gary Mitchell and Dave Obee at the dining table

Gary Mitchell (branch Secretary) and Dave Obee (guest speaker) have a discussion over lunch at the head table.  Photo by Charlie Kingston.

Arms of Gary Mitchell


John Neill at podium displaying postcard

Branch President John Neill welcomes members to the Annual General Meeting.  He also shows a postcard that he received from Robb Watt, the past Chief Herald.  On the front is Robb's arms as well as that of Claire Boudreau, the current Chief Herald.  You can see a blow up of the front and backPhoto by Charlie Kingston.

Dave Obee at the podium

After an introduction by Gary Mitchell, Dave Obee, editor-in-chief of the Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper and genealogy expert, begins his presentation, Genealogical Research Today.  Photo by Charlie Kingston.

first slide of presentation

Dave gave some very useful hints on researching one's family tree via the Internet and also illuminated some pitfalls to watch for.

Annual Report

John Neill about to give his report

Branch president John Neill gives his annual report to the membership.  He also presented a new set of branch bylaws.  It was put to a vote to the general membership and was passed unanimously.  The new by-laws required a Nomination Committee with one committee member being a branch member but not a board member.  John named Vanessa Bramhill to the position.  Photo by Charlie Kingston.

Arms of John Neill

New Board Selection

Gary Mitchell at the podium

Gary Mitchell (branch Secretary) oversees the choosing of a new board.  Since there was only one nomination for each position, all positions were filled by acclamation.  Results are shown below:  Photo by Charlie Kingston.

Arms of Gary Mitchell
Position   Name  
President John Neill (incumbent)
Vice-President Steve Cowan (new - was Allan Ailo)
Secretary Gary Mitchell (incumbent)
Treasurer Don Mayers (incumbent)
Blazon Editor Darren George (new - was Allan Ailo)
Webmaster Lee Van Horne (incumbent)
Director Shirley Greenwood (incumbent)
Director Tom Mercer (incumbent)
Director David Hjalmarson (new)

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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