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The branch had its 2011 AGM on Saturday, March 19thPhotos by the webmaster except where otherwise noted. 

the Gryphon's Lair
The Venue

The lunch and AGM was held at the Gryphon's Lair, just south of the Nanaimo Airport, the same place we had our previous AGM.  Photo by Gryphon's Lair.

Luncheon Room

members starting to gather for the lunch

Here is the view of the dining room.

Arms of Alison Watt Arms of Robert Watt Arms of Alex Greenwood

members continuing to arrive for the lunch

Members are still arriving.

Arms of Gary Mitchell Arms of Laurie Patten

many shields on tables

As usual, there is much heraldry on display.

many ships' badges displayed on a table

A wonderful selection of ships' badges was on display, provided by Dave Freeman.

John Neill at podium

President John Neill welcomes members to the AGM.

Arms of John Neill

Main Presentation

After a good lunch, our keynote speaker, Lt. Cmdr. Dave Freeman, gives a fascinating talk about the research and recording of Canadian Navy ships' badges before the Navy created the Ships' Badges Office.

view of presentation Dave Freeman talking

Annual General Meeting

Laurie Patten at podium

Treasurer Laurie Patten gives a report on our healthy finances.

Arms of Laurie Patten

Carl Larsen at the podium

Past president Carl Larsen prepares to conduct the board election.

Arms of Carl Larsen

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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