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The Venue

the Gryphon's Lair

The branch had its Annual General Meeting at the Gryphon's Lair, just south of the Nanaimo Airport in Cassidy, on March 10th.

Luncheon Room and Displays

view of luncheon room

This is the view members had as they entered the luncheon room.  Notice on the left Rideau Emeritus conversing with Cowichan Extraodinaire.

Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of David Hjalmarson Arms of John Neill Arms of Graham Anderson Arms of Robert Watt

groups of people talking

As more members arrive, discussions become more lively.

Arms of John Neill Arms of Shirley Greenwood Arms of Carl Larsen

Arms of David Hjalmarson Arms of Graham Anderson

Much heraldry was on display.

an array of heraldic items an array of heraldic items

And flags.  These were part of the flag presentation.

an array of heraldic items flags of the Russian Federation

Alex's Birthday

Lunch was served and dessert was birthday cake, as Major Alex Greenwood celebrates his 92nd.

Alex Greenwood's birthday cake Alex Greenwood and his birthday cake Arms of Alex Greenwood

Laurie Patten and Graham Anderson look at a plaque.

As members finish up the birthday cake, Laurie Patten and Graham Anderson have a discussion on a plaque.  What could it be?

Arms of Graham Anderson Arms of Laurie Patten

Laurie Patten and Graham Anderson look at the arms of Whitehorse.

Ahh, the arms of Whitehorse.

Arms of Laurie Patten

Arms of Graham Anderson

Main Presentation

Now that the feast and festivities are over, it is down to business and Joan Merrington begins her presentation on flags.

Joan Merrington starting her presentation first slide of the presentation


John Neill about to give his report

Branch president John Neill is about to give his annual report to the membership.

Arms of John Neill

Laurie Patten giving financial report

Laurie Patten gives the financial report.

Arms of Laurie Patten

New Board Selection

Carl Larsen conducts the choosing of the new board

Carl Larsen oversees the choosing of a new board.  Since there was only one nomination for each position, all positions were filled by acclamation.  Results are shown below:

Arms of Carl Larsen
Position   Name  
President John Neill (incumbent)
Vice-President Allan Ailo (incumbent)
Secretary Gary Mitchell (new)
Treasurer Shirley Greenwood (new - was Secretary)
Webmaster Lee Van Horne (incumbent)
Director Laurie Patten (new - was Treasurer)
Director Tom Mercer (new)
Director Steve Cowan (new)

Special Announcement

Robb Watt making his announcement

Past Chief Herald Robb Watt wraps up the meeting by announcing that there will be a royal procession down the Thames in June, celebrating the Diamond Jubilee, and that all Commonwealth heralds, including the CHA heralds, have been invited to be aboard the leading royal barge.

Arms of Robert Watt

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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