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The Grand Hotel

On the weekend of May 4, 5, and 6th, the BC branch hosted the 2012 National Conference of the RHSC at the Grand Hotel in Nanaimo.  Here is a photo summary of this very successful conference.  All photos by John Burrage unless otherwise noted.  This photo by The Grand Hotel.

The Beley Lecture

Duane Galles

The Beley lecture was given by Duane L. C. M. Galles, JC, PhD, FSA Scot, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The topic was "An Armorial of the Musicians of Louis XIV".  It might be noted that Louis XIV (le Roi Soleil) was on the throne for 72 years.

Arms of Duane Galles


D'Arcy Boulton

The colloquium was hosted, as usual, by Prof. d'Arcy Boulton.  He was also the first speaker, giving a lecture on "Canadianizing the Royal Family: A Proposal for Distinctively Canadian Heraldic Insignia and Emblems for the Queen's Children and Grandchildren".  He was then followed by Christopher Mackie, LLB, who presented his third in a series of talks on the law of arms within Canada, this one titled "Canadian Grants of Arms - are they Real Property?"  Photo by Carl Larsen.

Arms of d'Arcy Boulton

Allan Ailo giving his colloquium talk

The colloquium was concluded by Allan Ailo's presentation on "The Evolution of the Royal Arms of Finland".  Photo by Carl Larsen.

Dinner Reception

Allan Ailo   and   Lee Van Horne

Guests are just starting to arrive.  Here are Allan Ailo (vice-president of the BC branch and editor of the BC Blazon) chatting with Lee Van Horne (BC branch webmaster).  In the background is the famous heraldic display and ... to the right ... who is watching whom?

Arms of Lee Van Horne

Jamie Hammond, Fern Hammond, Steve Cowan

More guests are just arriving.  Here are Jamie Hammond (Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia), his wife Fern, and Lt. Cdr. Steve Cowan, a director on the BC board and apprentice heraldic craftsman (under master craftsman Laurie Patten).  Steve is carrying a box holding the result of one of his labours - a gift for the evening's main speaker.  It was Jamie who originally came up with the idea of moving the heraldic display to Government House.  He and Steve were instrumental in getting the job done.  The display is now on permanent display in the Mews at Government House.

St. Laurent and AHS members

Here, Bruce Patterson (St. Laurent Herald and Deputy Chief Herald of Canada), is chatting with members from the American Heraldry Society, Hugh Brady (secretary) and Lawrence Saucier, both of Texas.

Arms of Hugh Brady Arms of Bruce Patterson

John Wilkes  and  David Hjalmarson

Guests are continuing to arrive and the room is filling.  Here, John Wilkes, long time and honoured member (and Honorary Fellow) of the Society, is conversing with David Hjalmarson, BC branch member and Grand Bailiff of the BC Grand Bailiwick of the Order of St. Lazarus.

Arms of David Hjalmarson Arms of John Wilkes


Off to the corner of the din of chatter, harpists Hayley Farenholtz and Kaleigh Stroink provide a calming ambiance.

Joan Merrington, Alison Watt, Shirley Greenwood

A bevy of heraldic femmes.  Here are Joan Merrington (past BC branch director), Alison Watt (wife of the Past Chief Herald of Canada), and Shirley Greenwood (treasurer of the BC branch).

Arms of Shirley Greenwood Arms of Alison Watt

Claire Boudreau

Members from Ottawa, including Claire Boudreau (Chief Herald of Canada), surrounded by Darrel Kennedy (Assiniboine Herald), Capt. Patrick Crocco (JAG office), and Vicken Koundakjian (national director).

Arms of Vicken Koundakjian Arms of Claire Boudreau Arms of Darrel Kennedy

Gala Diamond Jubilee Dinner

Claire Boudreau

The piper leads the head table into the dining room.  On the menu were Wild Sockeye Salmon baked with Okanagan Peach Salsa, Fraser Valley Pork Loin Chop grilled with Apple Rum Chutney, and Braised Alberta Beef Short Rib with Garlic Potatoes.

Kevin MacLeod and an etched glass gift

Once the meal was dispensed, and finished off with a hearty toast to The Queen, Kevin MacLeod, CVO, CD, Canadian Secretary to The Queen, Usher of the Black Rod, presented the Wilkes lecture ("The Importance of Heritage and Symbols in a Canadian Context").  In appreciation, the Society gave him a glass etching (crafted by branch director Steve Cowan) that depicts his arms and those of the Society and of Nanaimo.  As well, Kevin had the pleasant duty of awarding the Diamond Jubilee Medals.

Arms of Kevin MacLeod

Laurie Patten receives his Diamond Jubilee Medal from Kevin MacLeod.

Laurie Patten, master heraldic craftsman, accepts his Diamond Jubilee Medal from Kevin MacLeod with John Ruttan (mayor of Nanaimo) and David Cvet (RHSC president) attending.

Arms of David Cvet Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of Kevin MacLeod

Here are the other BC bramch members who received Jubilee medals.

Shirley Greenwood Robb Watt John Neill Carl Larsen Allan Ailo Darren George

recipients of the Diamond Jubilee Medal

Here are all the society members who were awarded the Diamond Jubilee Medal during the gala Diamond Jubilee dinner.

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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