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On Saturday, September 22nd, 2012, members had a chance to see the large heraldic display created by our master craftsman Laurie Patten in its new home at the Mews on the grounds of Government House.  Here is a photo summary of the day's events.

Entering the Mews

Below are a series of views as one enters the Mews area.

the Mews the Mews the Mews
building housing the heraldry display

Once you get through the arch and turn left at the "Heraldry" sign, you will be at the entrance to the building housing the display, as shown in the photo to the right.

heraldry sign by entrance

Here is a close-up of the sign that sits just outside the entrance to the display.

Entering the Display Room

front panel of the heraldry display

The front panel of the display greets visitors as they enter the room.

Lady Susan Erling-Tyrell

Lady Susan Erling-Tyrell was our Government House hostess for the afternoon.  She was also representing the Friends of Government House, with whom we may be forming a relationship in regards to the manning of the display.

members assembling into the room

Members are starting to gather into the display room.  Here, Laurie Patten (branch director and heraldic craftsman) and Jamie Hammond (private secretary to the Lieutenant Governor and executive director of Government House) are looking at a proposed addition to the display room.

Arms of Laurie Patten


members having lunch

Members are enjoying a delicious lunch.  The sandwiches were scrumptious, well accompanied by a wonderful seafood chowder.  From left to right: Lynn Patten (wife of Laurie Patten), Tom Mercer (branch director and glazier), Allan Ailo (branch vice-president and editor of the Blazon), and John Neill (branch president).

Arms of John Neill

Costume Tour

LG uniform and evening gown

After lunch, Susan gave a tour of the costumes on display next door to the heraldry room.  The uniform on the left is the actual outfit that His Honour wears on official occasions.


ulster flag wrapping a square object

The flag is concealing a surprise presentation for the upcoming meeting.

members gathering for the meeting

Members are gathering for a meeting that will present various visions of how the heraldic display, and the relationship between the branch and Government House, may evolve.

Arms of David Hjalmarson Arms of Gary Mitchell Arms of Laurie Patten

members gathering for the meeting

President John Neill opens the meeting by welcoming branch members and officials of Government House.  He then asks director Steve Cowan to give an update on the display.

Arms of John Neill

Steve Cowan beginning his presentation

Steve presents ideas on how the heraldic display at the Mews may develop.

Steve Cowan showing a proposed heraldic poster

Steve shows an example (which he made) of what could be posted on a wall.

shield passed around amongst members

An example shield of what also could be attached to a wall is passed around amongst the members.

Arms of Gary Mitchell Arms of Laurie Patten

Tom Mercer talking about stained glass

Now it is director Tom Mercer's turn to give his vision.  He (surprisingly!) proposes to add stained glass panels to the windows in the room.

the three windows of the room

Here are the windows to which Tom was referring.  Can you imagine some heraldic stained glass, here?

Steve Cowan showing an educational heraldic poster

Steve now comes back to the podium and shows off another one of his projects.  It is a panel of a set of three that explains the basics of heraldry.  Work is almost complete on this set.  (This project is independant of the Mews heraldry display).


James Hammond accepts photo from Allan Ailo

Allan Ailo presents a very nice photo to a pleased Jamie Hammond.  The photo was taken at last Spring's National Conference in Nanaimo and shows Jamie and his wife, Fern, dressed up for the black tie dinner.  This photo has particular significance because it was at this conference where the germ of the idea to transfer the heraldic display to Government House was first planted in Jamie's head.

Laurie Patten learns that the heraldic display has been named in his honour.

Now we come to the highlight of the day's activities.  A surprised and overwhelmed ancient craftsman learns that the heraldic display in the Mews has been named in his honour, the Lawrence J. Patten Heraldry Exhibit.

Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of John Neill

Laurie Patten and John Neill stand on either side of the new sign for the display

Now the mystery hidden by the Ulster flag is revealed.  The flag was hiding a sign that will be attached to the heraldic display, declaring that it is the Lawrence J. Patten Heraldry Exhibit.  The sign also gives a short biography of Laurie as well as his coat of arms and a photo showing him with the Lieutenant Governor, with the display in the background.

Arms of John Neill Arms of Laurie Patten

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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