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The branch had its first Christmas Buffet on Saturday, November 24th, organized by Shirley Greenwood, our usual lunch/dinner planner, and was a great success.  Photos by the webmaster except where otherwise noted. 

Oceanfront Suites at Cowichan Bay
The Venue

The buffet was held at the Oceanfront Suites at Cowichan Bay, situated right on the bay, with an amazing view.  Photo by Oceanfront Suites.

Luncheon Room

members starting to gather for the lunch

Members are just starting to arrive.

empty table

A dining table is all dressed up and waiting.  Notice the flags by the window.

view of Cowichan Bay

Looking out the window, we can see why many people choose to live on Vancouver Island.  Photo by Don Mayers.

harbour full of fishing boats

And if we look to the left, we see a harbour full of fishing boats, as well as a few sail boats and other pleasure craft.

sea lions lying on a wharf

And if we look a little more closely, we can see a wharf taken completely over by dozens of sea lions, as well as hear their barking.

Steve Cowan standing beside his 3-panel educational display

Getting back to the dining room, we find heraldic craftsman Steve Cowan proudly standing by his very attractive 3-panel educational display.  Photo by Don Mayers.

Steve Cowan, Robb Watt, Gary Mitchell

Later, Steve finds himself with two other distinguished heraldists, Robb Watt (Rideau Herald Emeritus), and secretary Gary Mitchell.  Photo by Don Mayers.

Arms of Gary Mitchell Arms of Robert Watt

John Neill at podium

President John Neill starts off the proceedings and welcomes members to the first branch Christmas lunch.

Arms of John Neill

head table waiting for lunch

Members at the head table are anticipating an excellent lunch.  From left to right: vice-president Allan Ailo, Rideau Herald Emeritus Robert Watt, LVO, Fern Hammond (wife of Jamie Hammond), president John Neill, keynote speaker Jamie Hammond (private secretary to the Lieutenant Governor), and past president Carl Larsen.  Photo by Don Mayers.

Arms of Carl Larsen Arms of John Neill Arms of Robert Watt

Here are the other tables.  Photos by Don Mayers.

dining table dining table dining table


Robb Watt at the podium

Robb Watt starts off the presentations.  He points out that the Society has recently been losing members and that, just in the last two weeks, three have passed away, including two branch members.  He asks for a moment of silence.  Photo by Don Mayers.

Arms of Robert Watt

Allan Ailo presenting Lee Van Horne with mug Arms of Lee Van Horne

Vice-president Allan Ailo presents a surprised webmaster Lee Van Horne with a custom heraldic mug in appreciation for Lee's work within the branch, primarily to do with the creation, care, and feeding of the branch website.  The yellow shield (designed by Allan) represents heraldic website construction (used in web pages under construction) while the blue shield (shown in the insert) is Lee's heraldic shield.  Original photos by Don Mayers, photo editing by the webmaster.

Jamie Hammond at the podium

Keynote speaker Jamie Hammond, private secretary to the Lieutenant Governor, gives a very interesting talk on the creation of the badge for the Special Forces section of the Canadian Armed Forces.  He then follows up with a quick report on how the new Lieutenant Governor, Judith Guichon, OBC, is getting up to speed.  (Very well, if you are curious.)  She has, subsequent to the lunch, agreed to become a branch co-patron.  Photo by Don Mayers.

Laurie Patten at the podium

Laurie Patten finishes off a very enjoyable afternoon by offering some poignant comments regarding the passing of the torch from one generation to the next that is currently happening within our branch.

Arms of Laurie Patten

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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