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  Photos by the webmaster except where otherwise noted. 
The Venue

The Travelodge Silver Bridge Inn

The branch had its Annual General Meeting at the Silver Bridge Inn, in Duncan, on March 21stPhoto by Silver Bridge Inn.

Luncheon Room

view of luncheon room

This is a view of our luncheon and meeting room, the Fireside Room.  Don Mayers is being hypnotized by his laptop while Tom Mercer is wondering if anyone will show up for his talk, as they await the arrival of other branch members.

view of luncheon room with members assembling

Another view of the Fireside Room showing the fireplace and one of Steve Cowan's educational displays.

Members Arrive

view of some members in luncheon room

Members start to arrive.

Arms of Doris Gray Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of John Neill Arms of Gary Mitchell

members greeting each other

Gary Mitchell is greeted by Laurie Patten while John Neill looks on.

Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of John Neill Arms of Gary Mitchell

Lynn Patten sitting in front of display

Lynn Patten is sitting just in front of one of the educational displays.


left panel of educational display #2

This photo and the following two are close-ups of a three-panel display made by Steve Cowan.  The materials were funded by a grant from the Royal Bank of Canada, which was obtained through the efforts of Don Mayer.  This is the left panel and highlights the history of the Canadian flag.

middle panel of educational display #2

This is the middle panel and shows an example of a type of cadency (called differencing) currently favoured by the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

right panel of educational display #2

The right panel gives a brief overview of the granting of arms.


members at dining table

Members have just finished a delicious lunch of soup and sandwiches.

Arms of Doris Gray Arms of David Hjalmarson Arms of Charles Kingston

members at dining table

Laurie. Gary and Don discuss a printout of arms.

Arms of Shirley Greenwood Arms of Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave Arms of Gary Mitchell Arms of Laurie Patten


opening slide of presentation opening slide of presentation

Tom Mercer (branch director and master glazier) prepares to give his presentation "Heraldic Representation in Stained Glass".  Below are a few slides from his presentation, which covered examples from medieval times to his own work.  It was a very interesting display of heraldic stained glass.

presentation slide presentation slide presentation slide

Annual Report

John Neill about to give his report

Branch president John Neill gives his annual report to the membership.  He outlined the year's accomplishments as well as upcoming events, in particular the national conference to be held in May in Victoria, which the branch is hosting.

Arms of John Neill

Don Mayers giving financial report

Branch treasurer Don Mayers gives the financial report.

New Board Selection

Gary Mitchell at the podium

Gary Mitchell (branch Secretary and nominations officer) oversaw the choosing of a new board.  Since there was only one nomination for each position, all positions were filled by acclamation.  The new board is shown below: 

Arms of Gary Mitchell
Position   Name  
President John Neill (incumbent)
Vice-President Steve Cowan (incumbent)
Secretary Gary Mitchell (incumbent)
Treasurer Don Mayers (incumbent)
Heraldic Advisor Laurie Patten (appointed by board)
Blazon Editor Darren George (mid-term, Tom Mercer filling in)
Webmaster Lee Van Horne (mid-term)
Director Shirley Greenwood (mid-term)
Director Tom Mercer (mid-term)
Director David Hjalmarson (mid-term)

The new board subsequently convened and appointed Vanessa Bramhill as the ex-officio member of the Nominations committee.

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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