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May 22nd  to  24th,  2015    


Photo by Dorothy Hilde

Night view of Victoria from the Inner Harbour

  Photos by Don Mayers except where otherwise noted. 
The Venue

President's Reception

David Rumball presents certificate to John Neill photo of certificate

Arms of David Rumball Arms of John Neill The conference officially opened Friday night and just before the Beley Lecture, David Rumball, the Society's national president, presented John Neill, BC branch president, with a Certificate for Meritorious Service.  Allan Ailo, ex-vice-president of the BC branch and current president of the Vancouver branch, also received a Certificate for Meritorious Service.  Certificate scanned by John Neill.

Beley Lecture

Beley lecturer Hugh Brady

Beley lecturer Hugh Brady, secretary of the American Heraldry Society and past president of the North American Vexillological Association, gives a talk entitled "Of Flags and Formalities: What the Mother Science of Heraldry Might Learn from Her Children".

Arms of Hugh Brady

D'Arcy Boulton at the Beley Lecture

D'Arcy Boulton makes a point at the lecture.

Arms of D'Arcy Boulton

Arms of Elizabeth Roads Arms of Robb Watt Arms of Carl Larsen

National AGM

some executives at the AGM

Members of the old board convene the annual general meeting to choose the next board.

Arms of David Rumball Arms of Vic Koundakjian Arms of Ted Mcnabb Arms of Ian Steingaszner

Robert Walsh and Steve Cowan sitting beside each other

Robert Walsh and Steve Cowan relax before the Government House tour.

Government House Tour

a Government House host welcomes Society members

Jerymy Brownridge, Director of Operations, welcomes Society members to Government House.

members mingle at Government House Members chat and mingle in the main reception area. Arms of Donald Williamson Arms of David Hongisto Arms of David Watson

Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of Carl Larsen Arms of Vic Koundakjian Arms of John Neill

D'Arcy and Laurie chatting

Laurie Patten is explaining submlimation to D'Arcy Boulton.

Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of Donald Williamson Arms of D'Arcy Boulton

three members looking up

What are they looking at?  Is it a bird, a plane, ... ?

Arms of Laurie Patten Arms of Elizabeth Roads Arms of Robb Watt

lower half of the Rogers Window

It is the magnificent Rogers Window that captures the awe-inspired gaze of our trio.

close up view of the Rogers Window close up view of the Rogers Window

Here are a couple of close ups of the window.

Elizabeth Roads standing in front of stained glass window

Our keynote speaker, Mrs. Elizabeth Roads, LVO, Snawdoun Herald and Clerk of the Court of the Lord Lyon, is standing in front of the Canada Heraldic Window in the vestibule of Government House and is beaming with joy to be so fortunate as to find herself in heraldically vibrant British Columbia.

Arms of Elizabeth Roads

the Lawrence J. Patten Heraldry Exhibit at the Cary Castle mews

After the tour of the Government House itself, members wandered down to the Cary Castle mews where is situated the Lawrence J. Patten Heraldry Exhibit.

Black Tie Banquet

dining room

The dining room awaits the Black Tie guests.

harpist playing

Harpist Juliet Lyon continues the mark of a BC branch Black Tie event and soothes the heraldic beasts in preparation for the feast.  The Ven. Peter Hannen is no doubt enjoying the floating harmonies.

Arms of Peter Hannen

four members pose

Ian Steingaszner, Tom and Regina Mercer, and Robert Walsh pause with their chatting to pose for prosperity.

Arms of Ian Steingaszner

presentation slide

Two ol' sea-dogs, Lt-Cdrs Steve Cowan and Donald Williamson, proudly show off their country, service, and rank.

Arms of Donald Williamson

three members chatting

The new president, Ted McNabb, chats with Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave and his wife, Jennifer.

Arms of Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave Arms of Ted Mcnabb

D'Arcy Boulton at podium

D'Arcy Boulton gives out Fellowship awards.

Arms of Robb Watt Arms of D'Arcy Boulton

For those who want higher resolution photos or other photos of the conference, please see the online album created by Don Mayers.

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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