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front view of Quamichan Inn

This year's dinner was, well, not actually a dinner. Because we already had a black tie dinner at the national conference, we decided to have a festive Christmas Lunch instead.  It was held on Saturday, November 28th, at the Quamichan Inn in Duncan. 

Dining Room

view of the dining room

A snapshot in time, as members congregate in the dining room.   

Arms of John Neill Arms of Shirley Greenwood Arms of Gary Mitchell

overall view of dining room

Most members have now found their seats. 

Members chat as they wait for the buffet table to open.

Arms of David Hjalmarson Arms of Shirley Greenwood

buffet table

The buffet table awaits the onslaught.

John Neill at podium

Branch president John Neill calls members and guests to their chairs and welcomes them to the Christmas lunch.

Arms of John Neill


Mark Hood

Mark Hood, in his garb as Uilliam mac Fearchair mhic Gille Aindrias, Baron of Lions Gate, his alter ego within the Society for Creative Anachronism, begins his presentation on heraldry as practiced within the SCA.

Arms of Uilliam mac Fearchair mhic Gille Aindrias


Roxanne and Mark Hood, Cyril Lane

After the presentation, members had the opportunity to learn more about the SCA.  Here, Cyril Lane chats with Roxanne and Mark Hood.

Arms of Cyril Lane Arms of Uilliam mac Fearchair mhic Gille Aindrias Arms of Caitrina inghean Aindriasia

Denis Ostercamp, Brian Hutchison, Jennifer and Sir John Cave-Brown-Cave

Denis Ostercamp, Brian Hutchison, and Jennifer and Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave have good conversation from the glow of a satisfying meal.

Arms of Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave Arms of Brian Hutchison


educational displays on table

On the table are Steve Cowan's educational displays.  To the right are the Canadian and RHSC flags and to the left, John Neill's gonfanon showing his badge.

educational displays on table

This is David Hjalmarson's family tree and his flag.

SCA document SCA document SCA document

Here are some typical SCA documents.

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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