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  Photos by the webmaster except where otherwise noted. 
The Venue

The Bayside Inn

The branch had its Annual General Meeting at the Quality Resorts Bayside Inn, in Parksville, on February 27thPhoto by Quality Resorts.

Luncheon Room

view of luncheon room view of luncheon room

These are views of our luncheon and meeting room.  In the second photo, Don Mayers is successfully getting the projector system operational.

Members Arrive

view of some members in luncheon room

Members and guests start to arrive.  Here, Judy Cowan, Shirley Greenwood, and Lesley Patten start off with a hen party.

Arms of Shirley Greenwood

two members with drinks

Two members sharing good cheer.

Arms of Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave

two members talking

A brace of board members discuss heraldic matters - the incoming president and incoming vice-president, Steve Cowan and Tom Mercer respectively.


banner and educational display

One of Steve Cowan's educational displays.  To the left, is David Hjalmarson's banner.

three table shields in front of a banner

Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave's new table shields, with his new banner in the background.

St. Lazarus sash St. Lazarus medals

Order of St. Lazarus paraphernalia.


president opens meeting

John Neill welcomes members and guests, and opens the AGM.

Arms of John Neill

opening slide of presentation

David Hjalmarson, KCLJ, Commander of the BC Commandery of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem (and also a branch director), gives an informative history of heraldry within the Order.

Arms of David Hjalmarson

John Neill presents certificate to Shirley Greenwood

John Neill presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Shirley Greenwood on the occasion of her retirement from the board after many years of exemplary service as the branch's Events Director.

Arms of John Neill Arms of Shirley Greenwood

New Board Selection

John Neill and Steve Cowan

After the president's and treasurer's reports, John Neill, stepping in for Gary Mitchell (nominations officer), oversaw the choosing of a new board.  Since there was only one nomination for each position, all positions were filled by acclamation.  The new board is shown below: 

Arms of John Neill
Position   Name  
President Steve Cowan (new)
Vice-President Tom Mercer (new)
Secretary Gary Mitchell (incumbent)
Treasurer Don Mayers (incumbent)
Blazon Editor John Neill (new)
Webmaster Lee Van Horne (incumbent)
Director David Hjalmarson (mid-term)
Director Lesley Patten (new)
Director vacant (new)

Also, Shirley Greenwood was acclaimed as the ex-officio Nominations Officer.

John Neill and Steve Cowan

Past president John Neill receives a gift from Shirley Greenwood for his six years of excellent service as president.

Arms of John Neill Arms of Shirley Greenwood

John Neill and Steve Cowan John Neill and Steve Cowan

The gift box contains a set of engraved brandy glasses.

Arms of John Neill

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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