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In February of 2016, Steve Cowan put on a short two-lesson course on heraldry at North Island College.  Here are a few snap shots taken in the classroom.

  Photos by Don Mayers unless otherwise noted. 

The Venue

North Island College - Courtney campus

The course was held at the Courtenay campus of North Island College.  Photo by North Island College.

The Course

first slide

Steve Cowan starts a lesson on Basic Heraldry (Heraldic Symbols), a two-lesson course presented over two days (February 9th and 16th, 2016).

first slide

Steve drills students on the intricacies of tinctures.

Students studying heraldry.

view of classroom view of classroom view of classroom

view of classroom

Steve is well pleased with his bright students.  They unanimously agreed that the course was very interesting but thought that there should have been a lot more detail and the course length should be extended.  An extended course is in development with plans for other venues.

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