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The Venue

Government House

This year our branch had a very special venue for our Annual General Meeting, Government House in Victoria, on March 4thPhoto by Government House.

Arms of Judith Guichon Badge of the Lieutenant Governor of BC

Maclure Room

head table

Branch president Steve Cowan welcomes members and guests to Government House and to the annual lunch and AGM.  To his right are Thandi Williams (director of operations for Government House) and David Gustavson (our newest and youngest member).  And to his right is Don Mayers (treasurer).

south table

At the south table are Connie Mayers, Denis Ostercamp, Brian Hutchison, Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave, and Lady Susan Erling-Tyrell.

Arms of Sir John Cave-Browne-Cave Arms of Brian Hutchison

west table

At the south table are John Neill, Cyril Lane, Cheree Lane, Penny Underwood, Les Underwood, and Tom Mercer.

Arms of Cyril Lane Arms of John Neill

The Tour

tour guide

Susan starts off the tour in the main hallway in front of a photo portrait of Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon positioned between the Letters Patent for Her Honour's grant of arms.

healing totem pole

The Healing Pole was carved by Luke Marston of the Coast Salish.  It depicts a shaman, surmounted by an owl, holding a butterfly and represents the shaman preparing medicine to heal the friendship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples.  It was commissioned in 2008 by Steven Point, Judith Guichon's predecessor, and installed in Government House in 2009.

portaits of past lieutenant governors

Here are portraits of past lieutenant governors, their honours Robert Gordon Rogers, David Lam, Garde Gardom, and Iona Campagnolo.

Arms of Iona Campagnolo Arms of Garde Gardom Arms of David Lam


This one is of the most recent past lieutenant governor, Steven Point.

Arms of Steven Point

dining room

This is Government House's main dining room.


Light beams stream in from the south windows into the Ballroom.

stained glass

Here are some typical examples of the stained glass found in the Ballroom, depicting flora of British Columbia.  Each new lieutenant governor chooses a plant to be added to the collection.

The Royal Suites

woman holding door open

At this point, Thandi Williams, the director of operations, begins to assist Susan with the tour and provided numerous anecdotes from the royal tour last Fall.


This is the hallway that services the royal suites.




bed fireplace washroom


bed fireplace vanity table


sofas and desk bed vanity table


bed washroom


main room bed chairs vanity table


sitting room

This room was used as a playroom for Prince George and Princess Charlotte during the royal visit last Fall.


large stained glass window

What better way to end the tour?

Annual General Meeting

head table

After the tour, Branch president Steve Cowan opens the meeting and gives his annual report.  Next, treasurer Don Mayers gives his financial report, outlining the branch's strong financial position.

Gary Mitchell

After the president's and treasurer's reports, Gary Mitchell (nominations officer), oversees the choosing of a new board.  Since there was only one nomination for each position, all positions were filled by acclamation.  Last year, one director position was vacant, and still is.  The new board is shown below: 

Arms of Gary Mitchell
Position   Name  
President Steve Cowan (incumbent)
Vice-President Tom Mercer (incumbent)
Secretary Gary Mitchell (incumbent)
Treasurer Don Mayers (incumbent)
Blazon Editor John Neill (mid-term)
Webmaster Lee Van Horne (mid-term)
Director David Hjalmarson (incumbent)
Director Lesley Patten (mid-term)
Director vacant (incumbent)

The position of the Ex-officio Nominations Officer is currently vacant.

badge of the BC branch of the RHSC

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Arms of Lee Van Horne

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